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Usage Overview

Installing Terrascan

For steps to install locally, or run Terrascan from docker, see this section.

Building Terrascan

Terrascan is a Go binary that you can build locally. This is useful if you want to be on the latest version, or when modding Terrascan.

$ git clone
$ cd terrascan
$ make build
$ ./bin/terrascan

Using Terrascan

This section provides an overview of the different ways you can use Terrascan:

  1. Command line mode provides list of Terrascan commands with descriptions.
  2. Server mode using Terrascan as API server

See Configuring Terrascan to learn more about Terrascan's configuration file.

See In-File Instrumentation to learn how to granularly customize your scan based on particular resources and rules. For example, by skipping certain rules or resources.


Terrascan can be integrated into various platforms and configured to validate policies to provide run time security. Currently Terrascan supports the following integrations:

  1. Kubernetes (K8s) Admissions webhooks
  2. ArgoCD
  3. Atlantis
  4. Github and GitLab or CI/CD pipelines