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Configuration Terrascan

You can provide a configuration file in TOML format to configure the Terrascan.

Command to specify config File

Use the -c or --config-path flag provide a TOML configuration file for Terrascan.

$ terrascan scan -c <config file path>

Here's an example config file:

    url = ""
    token = "my_auth_token"

level = "medium"
    skip-rules = [

    denied-categories = [
        "Network Ports Security"
    denied-severity = "high"

You can specify the following configurations:

  • scan-rules - Specify one or more rules to scan. All other rules in the policy pack will be skipped.
  • skip-rules - Specify one or more rules to skip while scanning. All other rules in the policy pack will be applied.
  • severity - the minimal level of severity of the policies to be scanned and displayed. Options are high, medium and low
  • category - the list of type of categories of the policies to be scanned and displayed
  • notifications - This configuration can be used, as seen in the example above, to send the output of scans as a webhook to a remote server. Note that the --webhook-url CLI flag will override any URLs configured through a configuration file.

k8s-admission-control - Config options for K8s Admission Controllers and GitOps workflows:

  • denied-severity - Violations of this or higher severity will cause and admission rejection. Lower severity violations will be warnings. Options are high, medium. and low
  • denied-categories - Violations from these policy categories will lead to an admission rejection. Policy violations of other categories will lead to warnings.
  • dashboard=true - enable the /logs endpoint to log and graphically display K8s admission requests and violations. Default is false


Logging can be configured by using the -l or --log-level flags with possible values being: debug, info, warn, error, panic, or fatal. This defaults to "info".

In addition to the default "console" logs, the logs can be configured to be output in JSON by using the -x or --log-type flag with the value of json.